Artist Print Series 023 - Laura Berman

Artist Print Series 023 - Laura Berman

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The 23rd in our Artist Print Series. 

This print, titled "Family," is based off of an original collage from Laura's Synergy series. Within the series, Laura takes a playful look at how individual entities work together with various results–sometimes harmonious, sometimes dramatic, sometimes unassuming, and sometimes in opposition.

Laura Crehuet Berman is a native of Barcelona, Spain, where her love for pattern, design and bold colors originated. She has exhibited in over 150 exhibitions at galleries and museums internationally and her prints are widely collected.

Laura creates images inspired by the natural world that layer time, space, form and color together. She is equally mesmerized by the minuscule and the monumental; supernovas exploding into far away galaxies and ancient oddly-shaped pebbles that have never been touched before. Her work reflects the connections between these expanses and details within space, and how even the smallest action can create a cascade of events and phenomena.

View more of Laura's work on her website or follow her on Instagram – @bermanlaura

Eight color screen print on French Construction Recycled White 100#C. Edition is signed on the reverse.