Artist Print Series 026 - Đan Lynh Phạm

Artist Print Series 026 - Đan Lynh Phạm

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The 26th in our Artist Print Series. 2023 marks the fifth year of APS and to celebrate, we've brought back our sold out artists from years past. This print is by Đan Lynh Phạm, who was a part of the 2021 APS cohort.

In Buddhism, persimmons are a symbol of transformation. The persimmon tree requires generosity and patience before it can produce fruit, and to get the fruit's nourishment, we have to wait for it to ripen fully.

The process of coming to terms with mental illness is an arduous journey, far from being a straight path. "Ripening" is a homage to our journey toward growth and healing. Those who have traversed this path would readily admit that it is replete with ups and downs, moments of enlightenment, and frustration. Yet, despite the challenges, it is possible to look back and see how much progress has been made. Each milestone reached is a testament to the strength and resilience of the individual. It may take time to adapt, but positive changes can happen along the way, and every positive change brings us closer to a life that is fulfilling and rewarding.


Đan Lynh Phạm is a Vietnamese American interdisciplinary artist and illustrator in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She completed her B.F.A in Studio Arts at Oklahoma State University, focusing on watercolor and sculpture. Phạm uses a variety of art mediums, including watercolors, sculpture, screen printing, and digital art. Phạm's work is a visual diary that blends graphic language with Vietnamese folk art traditions. Her work focuses on her ongoing fascination with identity, socialization, the construction of culture, and her upbringing as a child of immigrants.

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Seven color screen print on Accent Opaque White 100#C, signed and editioned by the artist.