Artist Print Series 032 - Micah John

Artist Print Series 032 - Micah John

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The 32nd in our Artist Print Series. For 2024, we've made a conscious decision to put more energy into highlighting our incredible team. This print is by Micah John, who is our production assistant and screen room tech.

Micah John is an artist and designer, born and raised in Hillsboro Missouri before moving to Oklahoma in 2014. Micah founded clothing and design company ZEAL in 2017.

Self taught in dyeing fabrics through clothing, he quickly became known for hand dyed pieces including t-shirts, fleece hoodies, and knit hats and now uses those skills to dye anything from canvas to wood. Micah often uses graphic design and photography to portray the vibrancy of nature and express tones of religious thought or belief through color, space and shape.

In this piece “4 Brothers” Micah expresses a story of hope in grief and light in dark. A constant undertone of his design, the coexistence of opposites. The panels above each window are hand dyed canvases that were photographed and then manipulated to be screen printed. This is an omniscient view of both sides of the window - a source and its result.

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Four color screen print on white Cougar, 100lb cover; signed and editioned by the artist on the reverse.