My Affirmation Project – Greeting Card 3 pack

My Affirmation Project – Greeting Card 3 pack

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My Affirmation Project is a public art project that integrates compassion into the world in anonymous, free, and unexpected ways and has been experienced by over 60 million people.

My Affirmation Project was started by Nicole, a 29-year-old artist, writer, and human being living in Los Angeles. She works to put words that matter into the world so that people will remember that they matter, too. 

"I started this project in 2010 in response to losing my father to suicide after a long battle with addiction and mental illness. The early days of this project looked like a 17-year-old me driving around my Iowa town with a journal and a bag of spray paint, stopping at abandoned buildings and warehouses to paint anonymous words of compassion and affirmation for others to find. In a lot of ways, this project saved my life. It became a way for me to alchemize trauma and practice creating beauty out of the hard parts of life. It became a way for me to write the words that I needed to hear to help me heal and share them in anonymous and public ways in hope that they would help other humans heal, too."

For more information about the project, and to sign up for affirmation postcards, visit Nicole's website. 

  • Folded greeting cards measure 4.25x5.5" and include (1) white envelope per card
  • You will receive one card each of the follow affirmations– "Today Wouldn't Be the Same Without You," "Be Gentle With Yourself You're Doing Your Best," and "Thank You For Being Human at the Same Time I'm a Human."
  • Cards will be a random color assortment from the following options– pink, blue,  lilac, yellow. No repeating colors in each pack.

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